A Children’s Data Code

The digital world is data hungry. From apps and devices tracking kids’ growth in utero, to connected toys learning their behavioural patterns, to classroom apps helping them learn, there’s a lot of data collected about young people. But we don’t always know when, how or why this data is being used, or who’s using it.

Reset Australia is advocating for a children’s privacy code that limits the amount of data companies collect on children and ensure it’s only used in their best interest.

What is a children’s data code?

The Code would be a piece of regulation that outlines the key principles governing the lawful use of children’s data. These principles will help address the uncertainty around when, where, how and who is using children’s data by requiring meaningful consent and transparency.

Similar codes have been introduced with the UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code and Ireland’s Fundamentals for a Child-Oriented Approach to Data Processing.

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Creates the best and safest digital world for kids

Decisions regarding children’s data have their best interests at heart, children are given control of their data and everyone under 18 years of age is protected.
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Is overseen by a strong and enabled regulator

A regulator is adequately resourced to enforce these responsibilities and has the power to enforce meaningful fines.
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Lines up with existing online safety laws

The code lines up with the eSafety Commissioner’s safety by design approach, addressing the design and deployment of all services that use children’s data.