A Live-List of COVID-19 content trending on social media to strengthen our public health response.

What is the live list?

The live list is a resource for public health officials, government, academics, and journalists that allows them to see what COVID-19 related URLs are gaining traction on social media.

It lets those working to keep us safe know which groups are being exposed to certain COVID-19 narratives so they can better frame our public health response.

Why do we need it?

Until a vaccine is widely distributed, our best defence against COVID-19 is through public health campaigns, education, and advice.

But without the live list, we don’t know what misinformation and conspiracy theories are circulating in the community that may undermine those efforts.

Leading voices and organisations from the public health sector are coming together to demand that the Federal government act and mandate that big social media companies share this data.

If you or your organisation want to join this coalition - we want to hear from you! Please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

Our open letter

Our open letter Our open letter

Organisations supporting the Live List


Want to know more about the live list, how it will works, and what it would mean for Australia? You can contact our Executive Director for media and press enquiries: [email protected]
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Bill Bowtell, Adjunct Professor at UNSW

Reset Australia, an affiliate of the global initiative to counter digital threats to society, proposes a “live’’ list. With independent oversight, platforms would be compelled to reveal the most popular COVID-related material being shared on social media, in real time. We should compel the platforms to do this with independent oversight. Such a live list would help the Australian people and public health professionals identify misinformation and engage the community swiftly.
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