We are the Australian affiliate of Reset, the global initiative working to counter digital threats to democracy. As the Australian partner in Reset’s international network, we bring a diversity of new ideas home and provide Australian thought-leaders access to a global stage. We work exclusively in Australia on public policy and research to strengthen our democracy.

The business models of Big Tech companies – data aggregators, social platforms and online media – expose the public to unprecedented levels of hate speech, disinformation and polarisation. This distortion poisons the public debate and weakens the integrity of self-government.

We must reset the rules and standards for the products and services that are at the centre of these problems to ensure these technologies work to strengthen our democracy and improve our lives.

We must raise awareness across society about the problems with Big Tech and support better policy to address digital threats to Australian democracy.

What we do

We are committed to technological progress aligned with core values of democracy, fairness, equality and enterprise; and to the application of technology for the benefit of all Australians.