Reset.Tech Australia is an Australian research and policy organisation. We specialise in research methods on digital risks and online harms, in the context of social media platforms and data markets more broadly. Our research serves two purposes – as an identifier of protection gaps and the need for new or amended legislation, and, as a case for regulatory enforcement. We are particularly invested in preventing harm to Australians in online environments – including harm to democracy and public debate, wellbeing harms, economic harms, and social harms.

We regularly engage with government and regulators worldwide, including the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission. Closer to home, we work intensively on online safety, privacy and data protection, and digital platform accountability. 

We are passionate about systemic solutions and focus our research topics on areas of live policy relevance. 

What we do

We are committed to technological progress aligned with core values of democracy, fairness, equality and enterprise; and to the application of technology for the benefit of all Australians.